Sunday, September 19, 2010

How colorful the nations of the world!

Last Thursday evening (16Sep2010) was the annual Diversity event at work. I always look forward to this event especially because you get to see a glimpse of the world's diverse cultures under one roof. Talk to people whom you work with about customs they grew up with, understand something more about the countries they come from, the traditions and cultures of their land, and also have a chance to sample their food and drink and simply network. It's a great opportunity for little bunny and rabbit to be able to see and hopefully understand how beautiful and colorful the cultures of the world are!

The dancers from Turkey portrayed such intense emotions, though I did not understand a word it was clear that the song was all about the man wooing his woman. The Egyptian belly dancer moved every muscle in her body with rhythmic ease.

The American group from the Heidelberg Roadside theatre put up such an awesome performance. The lady who performed the Mohiniyattam was beautifully graceful. Loved the fusion of Mozart's Symphony with the Bharatanatyam performance.


  1. True, It was a great show of different cultures.

    Hope you did enjoy your Vacation.

  2. Vacation was great D, wish it was longer though :-)

  3. nice pictures... missed the event and am happy to have caught it here.

  4. What an awesome idea to do this... its truly like a window into different worlds.