Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Going fishing in Washington DC

Well literally that's how it felt like :-) A visit to the fisherman's Wharf or the DC fish market should definitely be on everybody's itinerary visiting this lovely city.

Over lunch today @ work a colleague mentioned that certain areas of Germany like in Franconia the fresh water fish called carp or 'Karpfen' in German is a delicacy consumed in the fall season. You might be wondering what this had to do with the fisherman's wharf in Washington DC. That conversation definitely reminded me about the famous DC fish market and our visit there this June. Fresh crabs, oysters, lobster literally steamed fresh in front of our eyes. Even if you don't eat fish I think the whole bustling market is a feast to your senses. It was scorching hot on that day and I remember that we had gallons of freshly squeezed lemonades, tasted some delicious crab cakes and consumed copious amounts of steamed crabs. I spied some yummy looking tarts on display in some of the shop's windows but did not actually try it out.


  1. Awww... how did you resist those tarts, Chech? They look totally delectable...
    Nice post! Loved to see all the fresh seafood on display... reminds me of the fish market (albeit maybe a little less hygenic!) back home in udupi...