Friday, October 23, 2009

Celebrating Diversity.

On Wednesday 21 Oct we had a festival celebrating diversity at work. Diwali celebrations among the Indian community here was also a central theme of the festival. It was a feast to my senses to see all the different countries presenting their rich traditions, food, art, colors etc. all under one roof. I got to taste some really good Russian gingerbread.
The crisp bread from Sweden called Knaäckebröd topped with salmon eggs was yumm. Personally thought that the Indian cultural program was definitely the highlight of the evening. Starting with traditional Bhratanatyam pieces, classical tabla and then ending with a rocking Bollywood number.
The dancers from Iran moved gracefully to the Persian music and little bunny danced along. Even little rabbit cooed away in delight.
The Chinese community presented a Kungfu-fan dance which was a combination of martial arts and dance.
All in all a very enriching and fun experience indeed.


  1. Wow! Do these performers live in Germany itself? Their outfits, poses, et al are so authentic!

  2. Yeah all of them live in Germany Veeds..except for the classical table players were touring here