Monday, September 6, 2010

Ambassador for wines

Our local town painted a pretty picture over the weekend. With the last days of the Winzerfest everybody was indeed in celebrative spirits. It was nice to see the Weinkönigins (wine queens) of the region greeting everybody with their lovely smiles.

The Weinkönigins offically are ambassadors of the local wines produced in the region.
I understand that the selection process includes detailed testing about their knowledge on wines. This means rigorous exams with questions about viticultural and winemaking techniques, as well as wine labeling, packaging and marketing aspects.
I was also pleasantly surprised to meet my friend K, a mother of two and a business consultant by profession very happily making crepes at the crepe stand.

She told me that this has been her hobby over the last 15 years!! Would love to take that up as a hobby myself, but first need to gain some subject matter expertise!
As I am writing this post I am craving for some of those yummy Quark dumplings that was sold by the dozen at the bakery Rutz on that day.

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  1. The Weinkönigins look so lovely in their pretty dresses! And the food on display looks totally tempting...