Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A glimpse into the Medieval world

Last weekend the beautiful town of Heidelberg celebrated the Heidelberger Herbst a festival welcoming the beginning of Autumn. This year we decided to first go to the old part of the town called the Altstadt and then walk through the main street all the way down. I am so glad that we decided to take this path as in the square called the Universitätsplatz we had the chance to experience life in the Medieval ages. 

Music from the Medieval times was presented by a group called Heurekapelle, a fun group and they played and performed some great music.


You  could even try your hand at archery if you wanted.

Every stall I entered seemed to transform me back into time, I wished that we were also dressed in appropriate costumes to merge into the whole theme.


The costumes were all cloak like long and flowing, clearly a way to combat the cold and rain in those times I guess.

After spending couple of hours in this medieval village walking through the streets again felt so modern and strange.


  1. Nice..Thanks for sharing those pictures.

  2. Super stuff, Chech! It was like being in a time capsule. I agree with you - if you had the medieval costumes as well, you would have really felt like you were in the Middle Ages! This is one of my fav blogs...