Monday, September 27, 2010

Welcome Autumn!

22 September was the official start of Fall or Autumn. Its remarkable how the flora and fauna meet their yearly deadlines and from one day to the next the beautiful hues of autumn are right there in front of you. Actually this is the perfect time of the year to go on a chestnut collecting spree.

Little bunny and little rabbit and myself decided to go out and do just that and we came back with a huge basket full of chestnuts.

Children, I think  are the best behaved when they are out in nature free like birds. Almost one and half hours of collecting chestnuts and not a single squabble or complain, everybody went about their business and the goal was clear collect as many chestnuts as possible.

Lovely way to spend an Autumn morning and get some fresh pure air into your lungs!


  1. I miss the "like" button for a blog - but you do such lovely things with your girls :).

  2. Its a wonderful activity for children. Do you make any decorations with these castanians?

  3. Thanks P!!! Sometimes wish that the 'like' button could be used in a lot of different places :-)

  4. D yes making little figurines of animals using toothpicks on these kastaniens is part of the whole activity :-)