Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hidden city treasures

Couple of weeks back, my work took me to Hertogenbosch a city in Netherlands that I had never heard of before. I always think of cities like Eindhoven, Rotterdam and of course Amsterdam in the context of Netherlands but Hertogenbosch was indeed unheard of atleast for me. The visit was truly an eye opener into a vibrant city with so much culture and so much to absorb. It was a pity that I hardly had any time on my hands to really explore this amazing city. The office was extremely stylish and the architecture so modern, it was truly impressive.

Went out with the team for lunch to a place called 'In de Roos' that was completely run by mentally and physically challenged people. The walls of the place was covered with paintings of all the people who work there. Obviously the city seems to be on the top of the list when it comes to offering some real superb culinary delights. Still remember the taste of the warm goat cheese salad in the restaurant which was named after the famous painter Jeroen Bosch who comes from this place.
So, if you are considering visiting a city with lot of style and flair and not necessarily on the top visited list then Hertogenbosch is definitely a city you should check out.


  1. Really Stylish work place and nice to know about this Restaurant. Nice clicks as usual!!!

  2. Lovely!!!! Should surely check it out...

  3. Wow Sindhu, that restaurant and its theme / staff seem quite impressive. The goat cheese salad was looking awesome! I hope to visit these places one day (some day...)

  4. Impressive little city... good discovery, Chech. I wish I could give you company on all these little expeditions... :)