Sunday, September 5, 2010

Castle ruins Wachenheim

Friday evening was family day along with colleagues from work. The weather was just perfect, something that we just cannot take for granted especially given the bad spell we had in the last weeks.
The destination was the caste ruins of Wachtenburg.
It is a lovely place to go on a team event and even better, take along your family. If you decide to climb up the tower you will be truly rewarded as the view over the Rhine valley is spectacular.
You can see all the way from the city of Worms to Ludwigshafen to Speyer. Also up the ruins there is a nice little restaurant serving traditional Palatinate fare and some of the local wine. I had a glass of the Gewürztraminer that was listed on the menu and that was just perfect. The kids practiced their climbing and little rabbit and little bunny collected all the gravel they could possibly get their hands on.
Forgot to mention that the castle itself dates back all the way to the 12'th century!! Another place to file away as a destination for a day trip.

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  1. That view over the Rhine valley is simply beautiful... mmm... yes, to be filed as a must-visit. :)