Sunday, August 29, 2010

Winzerfest in Wiesloch

August and September are the months for all the wine festivals in the wine producing regions in Germany. Entire villages get decked up for the occasion and you can sample some of the regional wines and also pair the wines with some of the local cuisines. Besides this there are tons of fun stuff for children.

Wiesloch is having their week long Winzerfest and like every year we got together with some friends and checked it out. The giant wheel in town of course was a major attraction for the kids.

I did not dare try it out but little bunny seems to have mastered the art early on. Luckily she went along with some of our friends and we told her that we would rather give little rabbit some company on ground level. It was fun for the kids to try out the bungee trampoline where they could wear a climbing harness and jump up and down on a giant trampoline.

I thought that the bumper cars was more my kinda thing but after two rounds I definitely had enough.

Hot waffles, crepes with nutella and lots of candy and I think despite the weather we made the best of the day.


  1. Bunny is enjoying her bungee trampoline very well. Nice pictures of fest.
    We also would like to go sometime.Is the fest still going on?

  2. Yes you should definitely check it is a 10 day fest and goes on until 5 Sep..

  3. really colorful... Richu also did the same bungee trampoline. He felt like spiderman. ha ha