Saturday, September 12, 2009

You got mail

The other day when I was strolling around town in Wiesloch I saw this bright red postbox outside an equally bright house.

In these days of the internet with facebook and twitter messages giving you updates from and to your friends on a daily or even an hourly basis there is hardly the need to resort to snail mail. But I definitely look forward to seeing what treasures the postbox holds everyday. Of course a big part of the post is usually advertisements or requests towards your bank account, but sometimes there are these beautiful jewels in the form of a hand written note posted to you. One person who has consistently been posting us cards and hand written notes on events like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals etc has been hubby's mother. Yes my mum-in-law does this so regularly and we always light up when we get a card or a written message from her. Today (Sep 12) was one such day when hubby dear got his birthday card already a week in advance.

We have our usual ritual of opening it and reading the message out aloud so that the girls can also hear it and then hubby dear very gingerly takes out the stamps which are stuck on the envelope. Yes, collecting postage stamps is one of his many hobbies.

Really nothing to beat the charm of good old mail!


  1. They recently proved that carrier pigeons was faster than ADSL...

  2. Fancy getting a mail from a pigeon...would be so fancy