Thursday, September 24, 2009

Benefits of chatting online

Looks like I did catch your attention eh? Yes, there are some benefits of online chatting. Atleast I know of some. For one, you can actually find out what someone is cooking on the other side of the ocean and if you find it interesting then quickly exchange recipes. Well you can debate that with a simple google search you can find almost anything you want these days. But what you miss is the actual expertise and the wisdom that the person on the other side already has. Anyway the other day I was chatting with my sis-in-law and she told me that she was making mutton chilli fry and my taste buds immediately started tingling.

The name itself had a tanginess to it and I asked her for the recipe. She was very quick and sent me a very neatly written out recipe and it was really simple. The recipe called for a lot of fresh cilantro which made it smell so fresh and look so good.
I tried it out and I was definitely happy and I should admit I am convinced about the benefits of online chatting.

Was a treat paired with steaming basmati rice

Love the way that the chillies are fried and used for garnishing at the end


  1. We want more vegetarian recipes from Sindhu :-)
    btw this is one of my favorites

  2. Hey VJ wow really loving the mahanandi site.Am planning to try out couple of recipes from here. Actually i do cook a lot of veggie food, interesting obeservation from your side.

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  4. I am a vegetarian and I can be a bit of a preacher at times, apologies for that. Loving the pics on your blog, you have some good photography skills.

  5. Wow! This looks better than when I make it! Will have to ask you to make it when you are in town next... :)