Monday, September 7, 2009

Morning thoughts..

I love 'my' time in the morning when everybody at home is still sleeping and I am wide awake! I sneak downstairs tiptoeing not to wake up baby (my 3 month old), hubby dear has the week off and little bunny has another half an hour to go until she needs to get ready to go to kindergarten. A quick glance and a quick check and everybody's faces are still soft from slumber. Love the peace and the quiet and also the wait for my tea to start simmering and the aromas engulf me. Its nice to sit down with my hot steaming cup and a piece of toast bread and just browse through some of my favorite morning sites.

Just half way through my cup and I hear little rabbit cry and there my thoughts are interrupted, but now I am all energezied and really awake for baby dear and the rest of the family. Run up to the bedroom with my teacup in tow. This seems to be a regular pattern these mornings.


  1. I especially loved the line, "...still soft from slumber". I can imagine those lovely faces...