Thursday, September 17, 2009

That's some difference in price!

Love the look, feel, smell and produce from farmers markets. Everything looks so juicy and fresh. Walking through it makes me think of all the things you can use the wonderful fresh produce for. Love to try out the produce that come from the local farmers but also like to sample the wares that come from different parts of the region.

A herb that I am experimenting with lately is lavender. The flavours are quite intense and it can be a perfect herb to be used in moderation when you are baking. But I was surprised when I compared the price of a bunch of lavender at two different stalls at the market. For a novice like me both looked similar except for their difference in price.


  1. Didn't know I could use lavender as a herb while baking! Info filed away for future use...
    Incidentally, did you find out why the difference in prices?

  2. Yes you can but use it in moderation Veeds. Well i guess the difference in price was because of the difference in visual appeal - presentation :-)