Friday, September 4, 2009

An afternoon well spent..

Our friends T & V and their little baby visited us last weekend (Aug 30)...T has been our friend for the last 6 years and its always fun to be around with him...He is tall and lanky and little bunny used her favorite line on him 'What do you want to do big guy?' We all burst out laughing when we heard that...
It was a nice sunny Sunday afternoon and we had a nice lunch together..

Green salad with fresh oregano and bacon roasted with stuffed plums on the side

Pork vindaloo and cucumber salad with hot peas pulav

after that we sat in the garden and the men finished the nice wine that hubby dear opened...Both Mamas discussed their babies sleeping and feeding schedules :-)))

Strawberry tiramisu with some of the last strawberries from this summer....


  1. Wow! Did you make all those yummy dishes, Chech? How about a food blog for amateurs like me?

  2. All these dishes are really easy to make Veeds..hmm..repeating a dish in the exact same way is a tough one..dont like to follow a recipe if i dont have to