Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Soulful Soufflé

A soufflé baking in the oven, always gives me a sense of warmth and definitely puts me in good cheer. Yes, it is one of those perfect comfort foods that I crave for once in a way when I am ready to indulge. No, it is definitely not for somebody who is thinking of looking at their calorie intake every day. For me it is also a perfect dish to cook along with little bunny. She loves to see the egg whites go from their liquid consistency to those stiff peaks when they are beaten. She also likes to see how I make the white sauce with milk, butter and white flour into which the egg whites are carefully folded into. Usually I go for the standard soufflé where I add sauted vegetables like spinach or wild mushrooms but hubby dear wanted something with meat. So I made this soufflé out of minced meat and it turned out quite well. Little bunny had quite some mouthfuls all by herself and without any complaints which meant mission accomplished for me.

A layer of grated Paremesan cheese before baking - like I said definitely not for the calorie conscious

Fold in the beaten egg whites very carefully - this is what results in the raised look at the end

Usually I make them in ramekins but this was a lot less work

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