Monday, September 21, 2009


Yes that's the adjective I would use for our weekend getaway. A little town called Wolfach in the Blackforest is where we stayed. Hubby dear celebrated his birthday with a nice rich chocolate cake, of course little bunny got to blow out the candle.

Loved my typisch Deutsch (typical German) breakfast with eggs boiled to perfection exactly for 4 minutes.
Took long walks in the woods and little bunny cycled away without tiring a bit. She also got to feed real bunnies and goats.
Tried out some of the seasonal specialities like pumpkin soup flavoured with pumpkin seed oil served with large shrimps.
Hubby loved the neuer (new) wine. The chalet was so charming surrounded by apple orchards ripe with fruit.
It was exciting to spot deer grazing in the wild.
Bunny checked out the water temperature in the pool. Brrr the water was cold so asked Frau Schmieder to switch on the sauna instead.

Like I mentioned it was blissful!

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