Sunday, September 13, 2009

Party time again

Our friends K and D celebrated their daughter's fourth birthday today (Sep 13). The birthday baby was no longer a baby and it was amazing to see how quickly time flies and how she had grown up so beautifully in the last years. I could effortlessly have a complete conversation with her and her responses were so quick-witted for her age.

Little bunny wanted so much to cut the beautiful birthday cake, in fact at one point I wanted to urge K&D to get done with the cake cutting rather quickly.
The cake was delicious!
Mama can i be a giraffe?
Little bunny was very happy that some of her fav numbers were being played and she danced away despite the fact that many a time she was the lone dancer on the dance floor.
Little rabbit slept through most of the party and hubby and me got the chance to enjoy some yummy food. I also enjoyed chatting up with friends and catching up on the latest gossip. It was a fun party and a fun evening and little bunny and rabbit came back home with some nice birthday giveaways.


  1. movin' groovin' - the gummy bear video is a hit on this side of the pond too. H and K need it all the time...

  2. Waiting for the gang to move to the music in 2 weeks time ;-)

  3. Hi Sindhu,

    Thanks for the post and for the uploaded pictures from Riya's B'day....It was recalling my memories.