Friday, December 31, 2010

Beautiful Pottery

Kota a tiny village which is part of Udupi district is home to two potters Baburaya and Shanker who earn their living by selling earthenware they make on their own. 

Their lovely little shop is right on National Highway 17 and I found it amazing to see the huge variety of earthenware and handicrafts on display there.

A lot of earthenware was widely used in almost every household in the Southern Indian coastal belt, but today this is changing especially with the use of different modern gadgets and devices available for cooking.

Little bunny and her cousin sister G tried out the cute little palm leaf hats that are used on very sunny days for laborers working in the paddy fields.

I wish I could get one of the clay faces designed so beautifully that are usually hung in front of houses in South India to ward off the evil eye, it was quite heavy and with the weight restrictions that apply on flights these days decided against it.


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