Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pre-Christmas, pre-vacation dinner

S, J, D and me knew that we will not being seeing each other this time over Christmas vacation. I was leaving for my vacation soon and J would also be visiting her family in Czech. S proposed that we all meet for a nice pre-Christmas dinner at her place. Dinner made by S is always a special affair and on that day I was constantly thinking about what she would be busy cooking and I was really looking forward to the evening. Like everytime it was really a fun evening and the food was just marvellous.

S served an exquisite pumpkin soup served directly in the pumpkin shell. You could scoop into the soft pumpkin flesh directly out of the shell and it was succulently juicy and perfectly spiced.

This was followed by a main course of spiced fettucine cooked with black mushrooms and shrimps, accompanied by fennel glazed with honey and lemon (yummy!!!!) on the side and green long beans cooked in a delicate spiced mixture. All of us got together and gave S a lovely Pugeot electric salt and pepper mill a gift that all of us knew S would not only treasure but also use a lot.

But the best part of the evening was when S walked in with the dessert,  all of us almost fell out of our chairs in awe. She presented a lovely assortment of hand made chocolate truffles with rum and nuts, a spiced chocolate tarte and yoghurt berry parfait decorated with a generous dusting of chocolate powder. The dessert was literally to die for!!

She gave us all a bottle of her hand made Eierlikör (Eggnog) to take home with us. I felt pleasantly content at the end of the evening the kind of blissful feeling that you experience when you are at peace with the rest of the world, I am sure you know the kind of feeling I am talking about. I have been thinking about S today and wishing that she has a great time over the holiday season.

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