Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fort Cochin

I have a new favorite travel destination on my list now. It is the old and historic Fort Cochin in Kerala. The Portuguese were here in the 1500s and they definitely seem to have left their mark in this beautiful little place. What you experience is a mixture of cultures from Kerala, Portugal, Britian and the Dutch.

I loved the spice markets with their rich display of spices in pots and bags lining the streets. I learnt that there were times when the currency used for trading was mainly a barter of pepper.

The place even had a Jewish minority and one of the oldest Jewish towns in India can be found here.

Numerous Chinese fishing nets line the harbour and it is definitely a mechanical masterpiece.

Little bunny loved the ferry trip to the little island of Vypin from Fort Cochin and back. She and her grandmother checked out all the amazing bric-à-brac sold in the street markets of Mattancherry close to Fort Cochin and she quickly realised that convicing her grandmother to buy her all the little things she wanted was much easier than convincing me :-)

I definitely plan to go back to this place again and I really hope that this is going to be soon. 


  1. I went there the day after my marriage. Lovely place Sindhu, definitely recommended for a second visit.

  2. Rathish completely agree with you, I really wish I had more time even this time around!