Thursday, December 30, 2010

Udupi Krishna temple

With hubby's hometown being in Udupi everytime I am in the lovely town a visit to the Sree Krishna temple is always part of the agenda.

Thousands of devotees come here to this town to catch a glimpse of the lord and what I enjoy the most is actually walking around especially in the small lanes surrounding the temple. The paintings on the walls depicting the different mythological characters were done with such intense warm colors.

Little bunny was very happy to see the elephant happily munching away on his food but the elephant keeper gave me a hard 'you idiot' kinda glare when I tried to get some good shots of the giant beast.

The temple pond looked so nice and tranquil in the early afternoon hours and I was quite tempted to throw in a pebble and see the ripples form in the water but then decided against it.

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