Sunday, January 2, 2011

Adventure in the deep seas

My cousin brother MC was our pillar of support and strength during the days we  spent in Kerala. So when I asked him if there would be any chance at all to go along with the local fishermen on one of their morning fishing trips into the deep ocean, he convinced me that it was the most dangerous thing I could think of doing.
But knowing him and his spirit I knew that he also thought that it would be once in a lifetime experience which he also had never considered doing. He actually ended up requesting some of the local fishermen at Marari if this would be possible. 

They  agreed with the condition that we would be doing this trip completely at our own risk. So that was the beginning of our boat ride into the middle of the Indian ocean. The fishermen got their little boat into the water and all of us climbed in very carefully. We were asked to remain still and to distribute our weight evenly in order to prevent any chance of toppling into the ocean!!

2 kms into the ocean and we could not see any signs of the land around us. This was the exact moment when I frantically started praying and hoping that nothing would happen. The fishermen put in their nets and also a flag indicating the spot and then continued moving into the ocean at around 3 kms from land. When I caught the first wiggling fish in my hand I was mighty excited. Little bunny decided against holding the fish with the fear that her hands would start stinking :-) 

The fishermen were so calm and composed and after pulling in their fishing nets asked us if we would like to
continue our journey into the ocean. With MC feeling a little sea sick we decided that it was time to head back to land.

All of us were really glad to be back on the shore and we realised that we caught about 65-70 fish and in turn the fishermen were also happy to get a gift from little bunny for all their hard work.

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  1. Wow!! That should be a great experience for Bunny and you as well. Did you bring home those fishes??