Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fresh seafood?

Got up early in the morning, woke up the kids promising them that they are in for some exciting activity for the next hours. All ready and set and we drove to the Malpe fishing harbour a cosy little fishermen's hamlet to experience first hand how the fishing industry works in practice.

We thought we were early but the whole place was thronging with activity with people putting up their catch for auction and and trawlers brimming with fish coming into the harbour to unload their precious booty.


Kingfish, pomfret, mackerls, sardines, prawns, ray fish, squids and many other fishes which I don't recognize could be seen everywhere. What I found interesting was that the men go fishing and the women would sell them in the nearby markets.


The catch at Malpe is distrĂ­buted through the whole of South India together with fish coming in from the states of Kerala and Tamilnadu. We could also catch sights of the fishermen painstaikingly repairing their fishing nets in preparation for the next day's work.


  1. This is one my favorite place to visit. My father used to take me often to the nearest harbor and i used to enjoy seeing different kind of fishes and seafood.
    Sting ray's tail was too long and
    hope Bunny liked watching it.

  2. Hmmm....all this fish is making me hungry. Dad would go to the harbor during the weekend to bring in fresh fish, shrimp and crabs - such an integral part of our childhood :) I love the colorful!