Monday, August 23, 2010

Balloon Festival

The 6'th International RÖSER Balloon Festival was visiting the Luisenpark in Mannheim. Besides the giant balloons taking off there was tons of fun stuff for the kids. Little bunny enjoyed crafting herself a nice pair of butterfly wings.

She also decided that she wanted to get her face painted like a leopard.
Something to keep in mind for a kids event, keeps them seated in one place without moving..amazing!!! The carousel seats were shaped like giant balloons to match the theme of the festival.

Little rabbit yelled in delight when the carousel went up and down.

Fun stuff indeed for the kids, but for us parents who originally came to also check out some of the hot air balloons it took for ever for some of them to take off.


  1. Lovely colorful pics, Chech. Bunny & Rabbit seemed to have had a lovely time. Loved the carousel! :)

  2. These kind of fun stuff should be really entertaining for the kids..Loved the Butterly on bunny.