Friday, August 27, 2010

Sadya time again

This Monday(23Aug2010) was Onam. A day that I fondly remember from my childhood days especially the nice Sadya that Mom used to make and all the preparations that went around it.
It was fun like every year to recreate that atmosphere at home. Little bunny kept asking if she could invite all her friends over for the Sadya with the promise that they would finish all the vegetarian delights served on a banana leaf.
Like last year I really enjoyed making all the traditional vegetarian dishes and wondered if there was some science behind how the different flavours stimulate your palate. A yummy feast indeed!

Looking forward to next year's Onam already.


  1. Wow my mouth is watering! Love the presentation on the banana leaf.

  2. Wow!! Yummy platter served in traditional Banana leaf. That was a great visual treat.
    We too make similar kind of feast during tamil festives.

  3. I am looking forward to next years too... Thank you.... ! It was delicious. I see you managed to get the pictures... Will send you the link now.

  4. Would love to get the pics you took as well!!!