Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Coming back home from work in the evening is the best time of the day. Lovely to be back in your nest with your dearest ones. Today there was the latest edition of the Time magazine also waiting for me. Usually this puts me into even better spirits as that normally means something to browse and read while having a quick evening tea. But the front page took me by shock today. You can read the abridged version of the article here. It may take 10 to 15 years before Afghan women can truly walk alongside men.
Little bunny kept asking me why the lady has an 'auwa' (wound) on her nose. I told her that some terrible people had done that to her. And she replied that the lady in the picture should actually be angry. Shock, anger, sadness was what I was feeling.


  1. I know.. saw that too and was shocked beyond words at the plight of these very young women who have had their innocence stolen from them..

  2. Yeah... read about it too. Heart-wrenching stuff... :(