Monday, August 16, 2010

Spargel suppe

Had a sudden incredible urge to have some spargel (asparagus) soup today for dinner. A quick mental check and immediately dismmised any thoughts on possibly why I would have such an urge on a Monday evening. Knowing pretty well that I could not fulfill my desire at this time of the year I settled for some nice and spicy prawn theeyal instead.
But talking about asparagus the last harvest of this perennial plant is in June here in Germany.
This time it was nice to go and harvest the asparagus plants that was left to grow in the fields. It was sheer joy to hear the snap as I broke the stalks fresh off the plant.
It is indeed a delicacy and I think one reason being that it is only available for about 6 weeks in the year.


  1. Spargel looks too fresh and tender. Hope you enjoyed the soup.

  2. I had never seen how Asparagus actually grew! Thanks for the post, Chech. May just pick Spargel for our salad tonight...