Thursday, January 27, 2011

Puppets @ the Glühweinmarkt!!

Strict instructions to little bunny sitting smug in the backseat to reduce the flow of questions for some time, staying focused on the instructions from lady GPS on which exit to take on the A6 to get into Bad Rappenau and banishing random thoughts running through my head on what I was thinking before making this trip!! Little bunny was oblivious to my thoughts and continued to bombard me with questions ‘Will we be on time Mama?’, ‘Can you repeat the story of Frau Holle Mama?’ And me in response ‘B please!!! I need to stay focused here’. Anyway finally we made it, though I have to admit we were 10 minutes late and when I made little bunny aware of our delay she was not too pleased and asked meto hurry up. Oops, I forgot to mention, we were driving to Bad Rappenau to see a Puppet show for kids of her age in this little town and the whole show was part of a Glühweinfest (mulled wine festival) happening there.  Ha, ha now I seem to have got your attention I guess, yes it was a Glühwein festival (guess it’s an unique German idea) and you see my vested interests in bringing bunny to this particular puppet show, I really wanted to understand what this whole thing was about. 

Anyway first things first, looks like a lot of other children and their parents had the same idea like me. The place was packed and kids of all sizes were lined up in the front benches in this nicely warmed up tent and we quickly nudged our way through the crowd and made some space for ourselves.  Frau Holle in German or Mother Hulda in English is a German fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm and all the children answered all the questions that the man who single handedly ran the whole puppet show kept asking in between.

After the end of the show, it was fascinating to check out the back stage and I was surprised to see how the artist used so little accessories to achieve the overall setup and change of scenes.  Little bunny curiously checked out the different puppets and was not too pleased that the show was actually over sooner than she had expected.

Outside the tent it looked like all the people were warming up to the evening with nice big glasses of mulled wine in their hands. There even seemed to be a contest for the person who could drink the most glühwine. More than 35 varieties of Glühwine to sample from!!! Hmm..this was getting more interesting than I had expected.

The stall selling the cotton candy got a lot of attention from the kids. I was pretty intrigued by this cool cotton candy machine, was not interested in the end product though. After all the only ingredient in cotton candy is SUGAR!!

Little bunny got some interesting gifts from the treasure chest for kids, funny things they decide to put in these kind  of games. Brrr…it was getting cold, realized that it was tough to hang around longer without the help of some mulled wine after all it was -1 degrees.

The whole fest took place in the beautiful Salinenpark, and on our way back to the car realized that there some beautiful sculptures and pieces of art in this park itself. Ok need to come back but for now it was a quick rush back to where we had parked. Goodbye Glühweinmarkt, bis bald!

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