Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year's Resolution

After visiting the childrens Yakshagana I was all geared to sample the real fare. The Saligrama Yakshagana troupe was performing in town late at night and I went there early enough to catch the artists getting ready for their act. I could spend hours sitting and watching each of them getting ready to play the characters they would be portraying on stage. I really wished that I was one of them rather than being on the other side of the lens.

Maybe someday you never know, after all if wishes were horses beggars would ride. Some of them assumed that I was a doing my thesis on this art form, wow that was a cool idea as well. I guess when you are on a long vacation you realise that there are so many nicer things in life you should rather invest your time into. This time around I promise myself not to let go of these precious thoughts and get immersed into the regular grind of life. A good new years resolution to make and hope that it does not get broken soon!

I was jostled out of my train of thoughts when one of the elders told me that I should take a seat in the front row where they had easy chairs laid out to watch the play. I wish that I could have stayed until the wee hours of the morning until when the show would last. I guess this would have to wait until the girls are a lot more older.

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  1. Wondeful pictures and kids would have definitely enjoyed. I am sure you will have lot of questions to answer them.

    I am getting remembered of my childhood memories when I see all this pictures. Thanks.