Thursday, January 20, 2011

Almost like a day in Spring!

Last weekend we had brilliant weather!  I mean technically we are supposed to be in the middle of peak winter weather, but looks like we have brought back some great weather back from our vacation. Since we are back, from the beginning of Jan we have been having some sunny Spring like weather.

Last Sunday morning we decided to go to the Heidelberg old town or Altstadt for brunch followed by a stroll through town. Looks like a lot of others had the same idea, the place was bustling with activity and everybody seemed to be in a jolly old mood.

It was lovely to walk over the Old Bridge and little bunny insisted that she cycled all the way which was great. It felt like I spotted the color red in everything that I saw. The red Porsche driving down the bridge, the red blankets on the chairs waiting to warm its seaters, little bunny's red winter jacket, the red tiled rooftops, the red satin ribbon around the wrought iron boards everything looked just lovely and red.

This young man doled out some free music for everybody walking on the Old Bridge.

I really wish that the next weekend which is around the corner is also going to have some promising weather.

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