Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summerfest and celebrations

It was the Sommerfest in Wiesloch starting Friday 2 July until 4 July. The best part of the festival was on 3 July after 18:00 pm.

The whole town was celebrating the victory of Germany against Argentina 4:0. The match was just unbelievable.
I was ga ga over the last match already but this one beat all expectations. I mean, come on Argentina of all teams and such a major defeat.

Well it was party time in Wiesloch and we all had such a blast. Now again I am nervous thinking about Wednesday evening where Germany will meet Spain in the Semi-Final.

I hope to post more such pics of jubilation next week as well :-)

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  1. Hi Sindhu,

    Nice pictures from summerfest. As a foreigner,I felt very sad that germany did not make it to finals. It would have been difficult for german soccer hard core fans.

    As you said the Best wins finally.