Thursday, July 8, 2010

Does it matter now?

Have’nt still gotten over the bitter loss that Germany had against Spain in the semi-finals on Wednesday 07-07-2010. But well, it’s just a sport and in sport the best team always wins. I wondered how well my colleagues at work were able to detach themselves emotionally from the game. Thats an art, that definitely I need to master.
Well, well it really does not matter to me now who wins the world cup. Of course the better team will win hopefully. Lets see if that's going to be Netherlands or Spain. Nor does it matter to me if Germany would get the third place beating Uruguay coming Saturday. Atleast thats what I think today but come Saturday and lets see how I feel. Anyway time to relax on the weekend, put my legs up and really enjoy the match no strings attached whatsoever. The octopus can make his pick.

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