Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some classy fast food

Loved the restaurant Vapiano. Italian food with a twist I would say. They call it a pasta and pizza bar. I really did not know that this was a chain that was located all over the globe. You are presented with a credit card like device against which everything what you choose to eat is charged. Everything is cooked right in front of your eyes and no waiters breathing down your neck coercing you into deciding something you really don't want to eat. Nice interiors and a very lively ambience.

I enjoyed a nice couscous salad with a fiery chili dip.

The huge choice of Italian pasta made it difficult to decide what you want to settle down for.

The chocolate cake was rightly called 'Death by chocolate' perfectly complimented by a nice shot of espresso.
Hubby and me are already looking forward to our next visit there.


  1. Thanks for the info about this vapiano. We will visit sometime...Nice pictures.

  2. Ah! I saw it last week when we went for Inception and Manu mentioned that Brian loved it. Shall try it sometime.