Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Distant past, not really

It seemed like its been ages since our June vacation visiting family in the US. Especially with the sudden dip in the hot summer humid weather here in the last days, I was more than once reminded of the perfect weather we had during our vacation.
Most of the time the kids were in the backyard, even setting up camp in the garden and enjoying nice big pieces of fresh watermelon.
Little bunny had such a roll with her cousins. Today when she started singing the song from Big Time Rush which she had learnt from her cousin brother I knew that the vacation was definitely not something from the distant past for her. The song has some nice lyrics too, especially like the part which goes like:

Go and shake it up What you gotta loose, Go and make your luck with the life you choose
If you want it all, Lay it on the line.It's the only life you got,So you gotta live it big time
You can find the complete lyrics here.


  1. Nice to see that, both the bunnys have enjoyed their vacation very well.... Nice song and Nice pictures as usual.

  2. I wish we could really rewind Petz!