Sunday, July 25, 2010

Really Anokha!

Anokha means unique in Sanskrit. My friend K had rightly chosen Anokha as the name for the unique collection of jewellery that she designs. And I found the whole concept very unique. K comes from Bulgaria, lives in Germany and designs her beautiful jewellery here and finally the jewellery is hand crafted by artisans in the lovely city of Jaipur in India.

Her jewellery is indeed a marriage of Indian and Western influences brought together in the designs. Early this week K invited me over to one of the two yearly exhibitions of her collection. I had liked a lot of the individual pieces online and their lovely names and this was my chance to see them and feel them.

The exhibition took place in a quaint little wine and flower boutique in the small town of Nussloch. Kudos to my lovely friend K who manages to do all this as her hobby in addition to having a full time and a very demanding day job.


  1. This is a lovely write-up:-) THANKS, Sindhu:-)

  2. Wow! Looks like I missed a really interesting collection...