Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hot Jalebis anybody?

This Diwali I got to make hubby's favorite sweet at home. Only after I tried it out did I realise that it is such an easy sweet to prepare on your own. Mix the batter, pour it into an icing syringe, squeeze into hot oil, fry until deep brown and finally dip into sugar syrup.
Hot yummy jalebis are ready to be consumed. Little bunny enjoyed the part where the batter was poured into the oil using the cake icing syringe.
This time she also enjoyed eating the end product along with her Papa.


  1. thats lisa's and daniels favorite too!
    they love the curly round ones, but their favorite is the boondi(the ones whicfh you also offer as prasad) As its small and round they are forever counting and dividing it between themselves.

  2. I can imagine the smile on B's face when he saw these!! :)

  3. There was a smile and after trying out couple of them there was lot of feedback from him on what I need to improve next time around :-)))

  4. So far I have only enjoyed them but making them sounds like fun too :)