Sunday, October 4, 2009


Today (Oct 4) baby G son of our close friends T & V got christened. T told me that the ceremony would start at 10:00 in the morning. So Sunday morning started off on a rather busy note making sure that all the four of us were going to be on time. We made it to the church on the dot and we also got to enjoy a small play put together by children from the local town.
Beautiful decorations for autumn
Little bunny met some of her old friends from her daycare
After the ceremony we went to a nice little Italian restaurant called La Sorgente . The food was delicious, we were so full after lunch that we decided to skip our dinner. But, come dinner time we did not really stick to that plan.
Hubby had Lasagne al Forno
The grilled salmon with roasted vegetables was yumm


  1. Oh wow, the fall decorations are very nice.

  2. The grilled salmon looks scrumptious!