Thursday, October 1, 2009

A cake that you can bake with your date

Are you looking for a nice cake to bake together with your sweet date on Friday night? Before you drift away painting that picture in your mind, i am talking about a nice moist date cake. The insipiration for today's (1'st Oct) baking session was again little bunny. It was evening, she had just got back from kindergarten and she literally begged me to bake a cake along with her. I was glad that she took over the toughest job of this rather easy to make cake. She greased the bundt tin with lots of butter and she loved that she could get both her hands covered with butter.

I softened the dates by cooking it in milk, and then it was lot more easier to grind it and blend it with the eggs, flour, butter and sugar.

I baked it for an hour and it had this nice rich color when it was all done.

Little bunny loved the whole aspect that she could dust the cake with powdered sugar. I always wonder why when she has to eat the cake she is not as excited as she is when it is in the making. So I guess tomorrow all her friends in the kindergarten will get a piece of this wonderful date cake.


  1. I second that!! its so easy to go wrong with cakes.

  2. Wish I could get a piece too! Looks yummy, Chech.