Friday, January 29, 2010

10 reasons on why I want my iPad

It was fun to watch Apple's CEO Steve Jobs unviel the iPad. I was literally drooling at the technology that possibly went behind making that wondrous machine. I know I could put this machine into a lot of use at home.
To list a few:

1) Decide which book I feel like reading after having tucked myself into bed
2) Browse the web in a supine position lying down on the couch
3) Walk around with a superior laptop without having to flex my biceps
4) Decide at the spur of the moment which picture I would like to use in my blog
5) Launch Disney comics in its highest resolution as my last resort to cajole my daughter into taking that last few spoons of her dinner
6) Decide depending on how I feel whether I want to see images vertically or horizontally - (basically try to prove to hubby dear why the obviously pretty model actually has a very masculine jawline)
7) Amuse my 8 month old by randomly moving images across the screen with some background sound effects
8) Coyly use it as a dynamically changing photo stand in the living room displaying pictures of some of the nicest beaches in Miami (target being to convince hubby on taking that much needed vacation on some sandy white beaches ;-))
9) Be that friendly neighbourhood geek who downloads the iPad dev studio and build my own personalized app
10) Make my own personal green statement


  1. Hi SG,

    The interesting thing about iPad is - on the one hand, people are happy that it can do so many things (unlike, say, Kindle). On the other hand, it does not address that one need which is an established market. For instance, iPod is a music player. iPhone a phone. They are trying to make iPad an eBook reader + something - But as you say above, the magic of the device is that it is so many things.

    Would be interesting to see if Apple can pull this off!

    P.S: Hit upon your blog out of pure and unbelievable serendipity. Thought I would leave a comment for the first time.

  2. Hey Rathish,
    What a pleasant surprise indeed!!

    Yes your right we really need to wait and see if Apple will pull this off.

  3. I loved the various uses you have thought of, Chech! Some serious thought has been employed. :)
    I like the idea of changing pics of Miami beaches the most.... hmmm... lemme know if it works. ;)