Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The house that stands at the forest's edge

The winter viruses had payed us a visit in the last weeks. Glad they decided to leave without causing a lot of trouble. Little bunny has been very busy at her kindergarten rehearsing and practising a lovely play.
I have been working hard and attending weekend classes brushing up my German skills for an upcoming exam in March. What I want to say is that we have been crazy busy and the whole holiday season seems to be something of a distant past.
Anyway coming back to little bunny it was amazing to see the lovely winter's play that she was part of along with her group.
She was a little bear and the play was right out of one of the books she got as a gift for Christmas.
A lovely book and now reading it is all the more fun especially the part where the bears comes in is the part where there is super excitement. A lovely winters tale indeed all taking place in a house that stands at the forest's edge.

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  1. She looks cute with that outfit. Both of you and little Rhea must have enjoyed her performance.