Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Skiing in Železná Ruda

On vacation in the beautiful region of Zelezna Ruda in the Czech Republic. It is white all around me. Yeah the place is surrounded by snow capped mountains and fir trees whose branches are drooping low heavy with snow. Its plain beautiful! Today was a big day for little bunny and me. We received our first ski classes for the week.
The instructor said that bunny was the coolest three year old he had met.
She was scared but at the same time paid careful attention to what her teacher explained. She definitely will be good at it if she gets more practice. I fell couple of times but all bones are intact for today.
My ski instructor told me that I definitely need to build some leg muscle :-)


  1. My super lil' Babush! Can't wait for her to go skiing again and know of her progress...
    And, Chech - you building those leg muscles yet? :)

  2. Veeds have'nt started working on my leg muscles...deadline is set for next winter ;-)