Saturday, February 6, 2010

The making of a snowman

Now it looks like there has been no trace of snow at all. But in the last days we really had quite some snow which is not very usual in this particular region. But we all made the best of it and sometimes tried our best to get around it. The children were definitely the happiest. It was a delight to see little bunny and her friends from her kindergarten including her teachers all busy making their own snowman.

It was quite impressive to see that it was well planned on who would deliver the different parts of the snowman.

All the parts were then assembled very intricately one on top of the other.

The nose and eyes were added with precision and then came all the woolen accessories to keep our man nice and warm.


  1. Beautiful photos. It is good to play in the snow .These kids are enjoying it.

  2. German precision being employed?! :) Lovely, lovely pics... wish I was there to make a snowman myself!

  3. Suji Chet yes little bunny and her friends had a lovely time...she loves playing in the snow