Sunday, March 9, 2014

March through March..

OMG, it is already March and the first week of the month is already done. I am really spooked thinking about how the weeks are flying away. I still have not started working on any of my New Year resolutions. Actually at this point in time cannot remember if I made any at all.

A lovely vacation week now behind me and I am rearing to march through the entire month of March. Actually it will be quite a packed month at work. But still cannot seem to forget the mountains, the fresh air, the feel of the cold snow, the warm smile of Nadja our hostess who take care of us during our stay at the chalet in the Czech Republic. Little bunny asked me before going to bed when she can go skiing again and I knew exactly what was going through that beautiful mind of hers.

I promise myself that at the speed the months seems to be rolling ahead it will soon be time to go back.
But for now let me focus on marching through March.

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