Sunday, March 30, 2014

I am a Holi convert :-)

I remember I was never a fan of the Holi festival, actually never ever until now. Also strange that I never really understood why smearing people with color and literally chasing people to drench them in color could be fun.

All that has changed now, I have to admit that I am a convert, a true Holi convert. Funny that after living in Germany since the year 2000, this year I actually got around to celebrating Holi with friends in the lovely town of Heidelberg last Sunday (23Mar2014). Thanks to my friend Divya Bhoomireddy and thanks to the Interkulturelles Zentrum (IKZ) in Heidelberg this was possible. Divya who is an executive member of the IKZ was the brain behind the whole event. She just used her amazing network skills to reach out to people to come up with a perfect agenda for the evening.

Actually it was in this process that I actually learnt again about the meaning behind the festival of Holi. Besides the lovely mythological stories of Prahalad and Holika and the religious connections the festival has, it was nice to remind myself about the more important aspect around the festival. The fact that the festival removes all differences of caste and creed, differences in race or color once everybody is covered in the colors of Holi. That is indeed fascinating and here in Germany it was an awesome experience to celebrate Holi with our German friends and friends from other nationalities too.

So thank you Divya and thank you Interkulturelles Zentrum for making me a Holi convert!! A very nice write-up about the event can be found here, for my German speaking friends.

P.S. Divya has plans for a whole lot of interesting programs together with the IKZ and if any of you are interested in sharing ideas and thoughts with her you can reach her at this address.

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