Saturday, March 13, 2010

Exam Overdose

It felt like I was right back in University the last 4 weeks. Yeah first it was the theory exam for my driving license on Feb 17, followed by a 45 minute nerve wracking driving exam on March 3'rd. On March 12'th I had my German Einb├╝rgerungstest or a citizenship test and on the following day a one day long German language exam called Zertifikat Deutsch on March 13'th. Phew... that really felt like running a mental marathon through some very diverse routes. I don't even want to start blogging about some of the dreams I have been having in the last weeks.
Thanks to a superb support system led by hubby dearest and little bunny wishing me luck everytime with that tightest energy giving hug and that longing look on little rabbit's face wondering when her Mama would be finally only hers again, I think we did it. Of course I need to wait for some weeks until I know the result of my German language exam but I am confident that it would be with a status 'Bestanden'
Last night it was fun to celebrate the end of the Exam Overdose season. Hubby dear rented a DVD which he knew I would love and which I did. Yeah watching Julie and Julia got me fantasizing about all the possible lovely dishes I would like to try out. Yeah its time to get back to doing all the things that I really love to do and that is definitely not giving more exams!

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  1. Hope you got through everything with flying colors!