Monday, February 15, 2010

Take this quiz

1) You are driving through a bend once at 30km/h and then at 60 km/hr. How does this change the centrifugal force?

a) twice as great
b) four times greater
c) equal

2) To which vehicles does the ban on driving on Sundays and holidays apply?

a) For lorries with a permissible total mass above 7.5 tonnes
b) For motor tractors with trailors
c) For all lorries with trailors

3) How far may a load protrude to the rear beyond the rear red reflex reflector without requiring designated markings/signs?

a) 2 m
b) 1 m
c) 1,5 m

4) You are driving at 100km/hr and perform a normal braking manoeuvre. How long is the stopping path according to the applicable rule of thumb?

a) 100 m
b) 130 m
c) 160 m

5) What must you check as the driver of vehicle-trailer combination with a trailer featuring an overrun brake before driving off?

a) Whether the compressed air-hoses are hitched
b) Whether the overrun brake is effective


1) b

2) a , c

3) b

4) a

5) b

Loving these questions? These are a few sample questions out of some 1800 questions I need to know in order to pass a theory exam which would then qualify me to take a practical driving exam in Germany. Check out some more here. Unfortunately biking to work or car-pooling with hubby dear will no more be an option with having to play chauffeur to two little ones.


  1. Hats off to the German driving test... An eye opener.

  2. Hey, Enjoy, I see you are Lovin' it! :-)

  3. Wow! I had forgotten. There is only one that I remember... if a foreign car is driving in front of you be more careful. I use it a lot when I come there in my Belgian car :) - Paru