Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Show time folks

Hubby and me completed ten years at our workplace. Yeah we work for the same organisation, but work in areas that rarely interesect. So to mark this we got to enjoy an evening at the Palazzo this Sunday (15Nov)

Needless to say the evening was lovely in all ways. The food was brilliant (will devote an entire post to it :-)) and the shows were just awesome.

What I found amazing was the way the artists could perform in such a small place in the center.

The seating across the entire glass lit tent was in such a way that every person could see and enjoy the whole experience no matter where you sat.

At the center of the tent is the stage which can be raised hydraulically and the countless lights sparkle which make the whole place look magically romantic.

The costumes were absolutely drool worthy and exotic!

I am glad that we will get to have this whole experience again next year!

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  1. Awesome!! Loved the pics... Gosh.. the shows must have been magnificent... Congrats to both B and you on 10yrs! Wow... how fast time flies...