Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Handicraft time

Today evening was 'bastel abend' or handicraft evening at little bunny's kindergarten for parents. The idea was really noteworthy, parents get together and make hand made articles that are sold in the beginning of December. The returns are then used for different children's charities.
Material and implements that we used

Cut wooden blocks that will be converted into reindeer and cute little Santas

There you go red paint for cap, rosy cheeks and lips - stick the eyes and beard

Voila Santa's all smiling and rearing to go :-)

Everybody very focussed on what they were doing

I really enjoyed getting to work together with parents of little bunny's friends and seeing the end result of our work together.


  1. Hey Sindhu...really nice work. Liked all your blogs sp. the last three starting from Halloween. I would love to have one of these Santa's. Looks like you are really having a great time right now. Actually the best thing in winters here is the decorations and light all around n the festive spirit.
    Carry on your great work n please post some pics of Anjali (if not here by mail pleaseeee).
    Love, V

  2. Most adorable Santas yet! Wish I could lay my hands on a couple...