Monday, November 30, 2009

For the love of pumpkins

Little rabbit turned 6 months old last week and I slowly have got her started on eating solid foods now. One of her fav foods at the moment is mashed pumpkins. So pumpkins seem to be around most of the time at home. Seeing so many pumpkin pies being baked over Thanksgiving thought I would try it out myself.

With my little bunny to help me out in measuring all the ingredients it was fun to make it.

Puree one roasted pumpkin.

Roll out the pie crust.

Line the pan with the pie crust.
Cut out the extra edges of the dough.
Make a lot of holes on the surface so that it does not rise.
Blind bake the pie for 10 minutes.
Pour in the mashed pumpkin mixed with spices.
I also used some powdered ginger in the mixture.
All ready to be baked for an hour.
All of us enjoyed the pie and I took some over to S's for lunch as well.


  1. Wow Rhea is already 6 months old...time really flies. I am impressed with your presence in this blog space and all the new blog posts.
    Give my love to the cute little bunnies

  2. :-) yeah time sure flies...Glad your enjoying reading..