Sunday, November 28, 2010

Horse riding

Its been a long time since my last post. So many things to blog about and then with so many thoughts running through my head I think everyday that maybe tomorrow is a better day to get my thoughts in order.

Anyway, couple of weeks ago we took little bunny to spend a day in a horse stall. Yes a horse stall! Little bunny always has been telling us that she would like to have her own horse that she can take care of and ride away on whenever she wanted to. We have been telling her that the idea though a good one would mean that she has to do a lot of hard work taking care of her horse. Since we have been having this discussion so many times we decided to give her a feel of the whole experience. So it was a day spent with Rina a cute little pony in a tiny village close to home.

The little girls from the stable showed little bunny how to clean the little pony, brush his skin and also clear out the slush from his hooves.
She was taught how to saddle the pony and also how best  to hold on to him when she wanted him to stop and continue walking. She could chose a helmet that fit her dainty head and also climb onto the pony and hold tightly.

A fun experience indeed but at the end of the day she was even more convinced that this was something that she definitely wanted to be doing on a regular basis.

So we have now decided to go back there maybe in the spring of 2011 and give her couple of more days of a similar experience.

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